Pinky Malinky Wikia

Opening bumper

[Shows Pinky on his computer.]

Pinky: The internet is full of some crazy videos. I wanna show you some of my faves! There's "Foot + Whistle".

[A foot appears in a black background while somebody laughs. Footage of a whistle blowing follows. This happens twice]

Pinky: Pretty weird, huh? Next, we've got "Neverending Poodle"...

[A seemingly long poodle walks from the right side of the screen.]

Pinky: That loops for ten hours! What else? Um... Oh, this one's called "Melancholy Breakfast"...

[We see some breakfast while sad music plays.]

Pinky: There's "Goats with Strep Throats"...

[Goats cough.]

Pinky: Oh! How about "Rodents Got Rhythm"?

[A squirrel dances in a plaid outfit]

Pinky: It's AMAZING what you can find on the internet!

[Zoom out to see a goat in Pinky's place watching his video.]

Going down stairs

[The trio shouts waiting for the video to load. When it does, the cursor goes to the play button.]