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''Pinky Malinky, we need you now''
''He was a boy, now he's a sausage.'' (x9?)
''He was a boy,''
''To show the way to do the job right in this town''
''It's Pinky Malinky!''
''Now from the button, the hot dog squeal''
''Let's start the show, it's a sausage of steel''
''Pinky Malinky (Pinky!)''
''We need you here (Malinky!)''
''So won't you come and lend a hand?''
''Pinky Malinky (Pinky!)''
''You're dynamite (Malinky!)''
''Wieners? what is wrong,''
''Standing up for what is right''
''(One, two, three)''
'''''Pinky Malinky, Your a Nicktoon Star'''''
'''''You are gonna tell the other toons'''''
''You are a real star by far (2x)''
''(Star by far)''
''Yeah, he is that winner''
''(Pinky) Not a Wiener!''

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He was a boy, now he's a sausage. (x9?) He was a boy, It's Pinky Malinky!

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