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Pinky Malinky is the protagonist and titular character in the television series, Pinky Malinky.

Pinky Malinky is voiced by Lucas Grabeel in the TV series, while being voiced by Ben Small in the pilot.


Pinky runs full speed toward his goals with a good-hearted outlook on life. He has huge, but somewhat unrealistic goals for his age. Pinky is shown to be friendly towards anyone... even a hater. He has rarely shown an agressive attitude towards anyone. He does however show a emotional side a lot, especially when letting go on someone/something. Pinky is a perfectionist and one of the best students in Sackenhack Junior High. He also a school's team mascot, The Snowball (however, in episode "Team", you can clearly see he is amazing player). Pinky has a claustrophobia (which was revealed in the "Hangout" episode). One more interesting thing about him - he is allergic to beans. Pinky Malinky is also actually a shapeshifter and a mutant, due to rare genetic mutation that runs in his family.


Pinky is a red hot dog with a yellowish beige bandage on his head. He wears a striped blue and yellow shirt, with blue jeans. He wears blue boots and white gloves. Pinky also has an ability to shape shifting, so he may look different (the main colours still be the same though).


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