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JJ Jameson is one of the main characters in the television series, Pinky Malinky.

He is portrayed by Nathan Kress.


He is described as the wise mentor of the trio, as claims to know everything. He labors over his schoolwork. But, he would hate if anyone found about his studious ways, as it would be bad for his “swagalicious brand”. He is a social media geek aswell. He carries his phone almost everywhere and uses more modern slang then Pinky and Babs. JJ also has a liking for fashion, as shown in Mannequin and Game. It is revealed in Friend that JJ is sometimes jealous of Pinky and Babs's relationship, since they are closer to each other than him. But he usually brushes it off knowing that Pinky and Babs still consider him their best friend. He also has been shown to be the "Scaredy cat" of the group, as he hates horror films and has several fears. Though just like Pinky he find Babs as a joker and not really to be taken seriously. He does have a bit of a temper though and when annoyed can be pretty peeved off, but he has alot of forgivness in close friends. JJ is also love Valerie (Pinky's mom) and always jelaous about Eric (Pinky's dad). He also has 3 dads.


JJ wears a large blue hat, red hoodie, and grey sweatpants. He is also the tallest of the PBJJ (Him, Babs, and Pinky.). His hair is a reddish brown and his eyebrows are black.


  • JJ has every single app ever made. Ever.
  • He has a lot of secret phobias and fears.


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