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Bob is one of the secondary characters in the show and the elder brother of Babs Buttman

  • Characteristics: Bob is one of the "middle" characters (not as old as, for example teachers and not as young as, for example, students). He is Babs elder brother. Though, those two don't have parents (at least we've never seen them in the show), Bob and Babs always lived together. Bob is working as a policeman. He has a friendly, ongoing and naive (sometimes even blunt) personality. Bob loves to party and watch his favourite TV series - The Apologizer (as shown in "Birthday"). He also hates betrayal, as shown in many episodes.
  • Appearance: Bob has a puffy black hair and dark skin colour. He usually wears policeman outfit. His brows are black and he has two big front teeth, just like Babs.

Bob Byuteman is a recurring character in the television series, Pinky Malinky.



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