Barbara (Babs) Byuteman is one of the main characters and one of Pinky's best friend in the television series, Pinky Malinky.


Babs is Pinky's biggest cheerleader and supports him and his ideas. She's silly, funny and has a "heart of gold". She can however have serious moments from time to time, though most things she is very carefree about. She also has a loving for animals and even can speak squirrel (and possibly many other animal languages.). She is shown to have alot of free time on her hands, as most of the time she is either hanging out with pinky, reading a comic, or watching infomercials.


Babs has big puffy hair with a green hair band. She wears a orange vest with green pants. She is the shortest of the bunch (Her, JJ, and Pinky). She has black hair, with black eyebrows and two big front teeth.


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